Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oh Happy Day #30!

8/30 - Fortune Cookies!!!
Besides the fact that you get them after you eat Chinese food (one of my all time favs), they also can be a lot of fun. It's all in how you read them.

Today's fortune said "You will be invited to a small gathering with lots of spicy conversation." When I read it I thought, "That sounds fun. Hope it comes true." And then I tucked it into my wallet because I like to save my favorite ones. I got home and discovered I had an email from a close friend inviting me to go out after the 2600 Meeting next Friday. Now that's a cool fortune.

Got one that you are pretty sure won't come true or just isn't all that amusing? Then you're not reading it right. To discover the true meaning of your fortune, you have to add the following phrase to the end of it:

In bed.

Yup, you read that right. Add that phrase, read the fortune out loud, and watch everyone at the table nearly hurt themselves laughing. Trust me on this. :)

What would your fortune say for today?

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