Saturday, August 16, 2008

Oh Happy Day #16!

8/16 - Sprouts!

I just love this store! My brother introduced me to it when I first moved to the Dallas area in March. Our last move has taken us away from all of their locations and with gas prices the way they are it hasn't been feasible to shop there. But today I had a doctor's appointment that put me within blocks of our old store. So of course I went. :D

I bought some fresh veggies that I'm planning to bake with chicken breasts & linguisa sausage. I found the most gorgeous nectarines you've ever seen for 88 cents/lb. And of course I picked up several packages of my fav low carb tortillas in both green onion & garlic herb flavors. I also picked up some protein bars.


Happiness is good food that's good for me and organic.

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