Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh Happy Day #26!

8/26 - Los Lupes!!!
It's a local Mexican food restaurant that my brother & I found when we moved. They are yummy! And cheap too! You know you're eating at the right place when over half of the patrons are speaking Spanish. The food is really awesome.

Tonight we were entertained while we ate by a husband & wife guitar duo. They were very good. My brother and I shared a few laughs recalling entertainment on previous visits.

On one of our first visits, we were treated to a full Mariachi band. What made that so funny was the size of this restaurant. This place is pretty tiny. They were good, but my only comment was, "I sure hope they really like each other." Those poor guys were standing so close together they were practically wearing the same clothes.

On another occasion, there was a man playing an electronic keyboard. When we arrived he was playing traditional Mexican music. Or at least we assume it was. Since it was in Spanish and neither of us speak the language, the man could have been singing about overthrowing the country or being stuck in traffic. About halfway through the meal, my head shot up and I had to struggle to contain my giggles. My brother thought I had lost my mind. It took a minute but he finally recognized the strains of "Yellow Brick Road". Needless to say we both laughed so hard that the salsa burnt our noses. :P

Just a few more days left in August's Glad Game. Have you been playing along at home?

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Cormac Brown said...

From the menu, Los Lupes seems like the real deal. When there is a diversity of dishes and a good mole sauce, I am usually there.

The worst of it is that menu made me hungry and I have a full stomach.