Saturday, November 18, 2006

Gratitude Sundays - Part III...

By now hopefully there are no explanations needed so here is my third entry for "Gratitude Sundays"...

I am continually thankful for...

God, my family, & friends - you know, the usual suspects. :)

To finally have gone back to work last Monday and that the wonderful people I work with are excited to have me back.

The internet that provides a place for me to share my thoughts, emotions, and writing with the world through my blog. And that so many of my family and friends read it.

A doctor that is so passionate about my health that he calls me personally to give me important test results. Perceptive enough to know why it will be months before I can even think about another surgery. And patient enough to answer all of my questions even when the waiting room is full and the office is running two doctors short.

An "adopted" family (Thank you again, Cleggy & WendyDarling!) to visit for the holidays so that I don't have to be alone.

Gratitude Sundays - Part II...

Again I urge everyone out there to take part in this. It truly is uplifting. So much so that I don't think I will stop after Thanksgiving. What can I say? I have a lot to be thankful for.

So without further ado here is my second entry for "Gratitude Sundays"...

I am continually thankful for...

God, my family, & friends.

Medical technology that allows doctors to look inside our bodies without need to use invasive methods like surgery.

My God-given talents that allow me to express myself in ways that can relieve my stress and share my feelings.

For the internet that allows me to keep in touch and even grow closer to loved ones both nearby and far away.

Public Libraries. Not only for giving us access to books, videos, & DVD's that we wouldn't otherwise have access to but also for their continuing contributions to the community through reading programs, knowledge building classes, information, and dedication.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Gratitude Sundays...

For about six years now I've belonged to an online group for plus-sized women. These women are like family to me and have greatly enriched my life. Our moderator started "Gratitude Sundays" for the month of November last year. This year I am so excited by this weekly chance to examine all the wonderful parts of my life that I wanted to extend it to my blog. I encourage everyone that reads this to participate. It truly is uplifting.

So without further ado here is my first entry for "Gratitude Sundays"...

I am continually thankful for...

God's presence in my life that keeps me safe, healthy, happy, sane, & inspired.

My loving family & friends especially those who touch my life on a daily basis - Cleggy, WendyDarling (& their family), Margo, KwizGiver, Violet Mistress, Maria, my brother, my sister (& her gorgeous children), & all FOUR of my parents - Mommy, Pops, Dad, & Joan.

All the well-trained, talented, & caring medical personnel that are helping me on my road to healing my battered, but unbowed body especially my nurse and new friend, Liz, who comes to my house & cares not only for my physical wounds but my emotional ones as well, my dilligent & determined surgeon, Dr. Fairweather, whose sense of humor & sweet staff have made a nightmare into something I can bear, and my celebrated & famous liver specialist, Dr. Le Sage, whose bedside manner & passion makes me hopeful & confident of a long, full life.

The unknown person who made that unselfish decision to give the blood that saved my life in June. There are no words that can express how grateful I truly am.

The wonderful people of the Muscular Dystrophy Association who are very patiently waiting for my return to work & have never once complained when the planned one week off for my surgery turned into five months.

Although I already mentioned him, he deserves to be mentioned twice - Cleggy, for allowing me to lean on him more heavily than ever as I struggle to come to terms with all the changes & stress in my life. His twisted sense of humor never fails to make me smile or laugh even through the tears.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Happy Belated Birthday, Tammy!

A while ago I was out and heard the song "My Sister" by Reba McEntire and it made me think of you. Then I raced to the car to write down the poem that started rushing through my head. Need I mention that I was actually in the bathroom when I heard it? Or that by "raced" I mean waddled? Of course not. :P

So my goal was to work the kinks out of the poem and have it ready by your birthday. Yeah right. So here we are six days after your birthday and I've finally beat it into submission and posted it. And I even learned how to post the song that went with it. Somehow I think maybe I'm getting more out of this gift than you are. Hope you enjoy it anyway. :P

a sisters story

staying up talking until three
jokes between just you and me
so much laughter and so many tears
we wouldn’t trade even one of our years
making wishes and sharing secrets
easing sorrows and lightening regrets
fought and made up like siblings should
grew up together long past childhood
but that’s not where our story ends
we started as sisters and became friends

My Sister by Reba McEnitre

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered...

He could tell the moment she entered the room, but he refused to look up. He was too busy trying to convince himself that he was too old to be this affected by a total stranger. Every night for over a week she'd come in with an alternating group of people. And every night for over a week his eyes were constantly drawn to her.

He had memorized the way the light glinted off of her golden hair. The way her deep blue eyes flashed when the the discussion became heated. The brightness of her smile and the quickness of her laughter. The richness of her voice as she warmed to the conversation. The passion on her face as she leaned forward to make a point.

Too late he realized that he was staring at her yet again. His hungry eyes roaming over the vast whiteness of her skin and laying claim to all he could see as if he had a right to it. Like a drowning man trying to stay above water he tore his eyes away from the soft hint of the hollow between her breasts only to find her looking right at him.

His embarrassment nearly made him miss the challenge in her eyes as she slid her hair off her shoulder and leaned further forward. When she slowly wet her soft pink lips he thought his heart was going to stop beating. Before he could stop himself he licked his own lips and watched her deep blue eyes follow the movement with interest. He swallowed so hard he was sure she could hear it. Now that she had noticed him he couldn't think clearly.

He felt himself falling into her electric blue eyes. The world around him shifted into nothingness and the din of the room became white noise. The only sound to make itself heard above the beating of his heart was the beating of hers. Then he heard her inhale deeply. Was it his imagination or did she just breathe his name?

Suddenly the world around him clicked back into place. Of course she hadn't said his name. She didn't even know his name and he didn't know hers. She was talking to her friends again as if nothing had happened and he began to doubt his sanity. She wasn't even aware he existed.

Disgusted with himself he gathered his things and headed to the door. Mentally shaking himself he decided that tomorrow night he would go somewhere else after work to unwind. He reached the door then turned to hold it open for the group of women behind him. Preoccupied with his own thoughts, he smiled vacantly as each woman thanked him as she passed.

"Thank you, William." Her sweet voice brought him back to the present. "See you tomorrow," she said with a smile. Before he could think of a reply, she had already disappeared around the corner. Her warm, liquid laughter floated back towards him and wiped all thoughts of going somewhere else from his mind. Of course he'd be back tomorrow. He smiled with anticipation and followed her into the night.