Monday, August 25, 2008

Oh Happy Day #25!

8/25 - Blogging Awards!!!
Especially when they are from one of my heroes.
According to Cormac over at Cormac Writes, I'm a Kick Ass Blogger. I think he's just being kind, but I'm not crazy enough to turn it down. :P

So here it is...

1. Choose five other bloggers that you feel are “Kick Ass Bloggers”
2. Let them know that they have received an award.
3. Link back to the person who awarded you.

So now I get to the really fun part, passing out my own awards 'cuz thems the rules. So which 5 blogs do I think Kick Ass? Keep in mind that Cormac Writes would most definitely be on this list, but since he gave me the award, apparently I don't get to give him one back. Darn the luck!

1. The White Horse - and not just because it's written by my bestest friend. This guy not only writes really well, but he is one of my favorite writers of all time. Be sure to check out his archives for some gems that really show off his immense talent.

2. On The Turning Away - Terry is one funny guy and he definitely doesn't look at life like most people do. And that's a very good thing.

3. what if this is as good as it gets? - Again, not your usual view of the world. Anyone seeing a pattern here? What if I told you they're all my friends too? :)

4. Boobs, Injuries, & Dr. Pepper - This chick is seriously funny. Seriously. And has one of the biggest hearts I've ever seen. I don't know her personally. She's not even an online friend of mine, but that doesn't stop me from reading her blog like a voyeur or stalker. No worries, I just get lost in the crowd of her MANY admirers. I don't mind just as long as I keeping getting the RSS feed to her blog. :P

5. Gluten-Free Girl - I stumbled onto Shauna's blog two years ago after seeing something about her on the Food Network. One of those little snippets between shows. I don't have Celiac's, but as a diabetic I struggle with carbs and most carb-filled food is also full of gluten. So living gluten-free interested me. And Shauna's blog really spoke to me. She's on hiatus at the moment after giving birth last month, but there are plenty of archives to keep you busy until she gets back. And some very yummy recipes. I don't have to live gluten-free and I don't, but I do eat a lot less of it than I did and it's been quite good for me.

Okay, that was harder than it looks. Simply because there are so many people out there that kick some major ass. If I left you out, don't worry. It's not because I don't think you kick ass. It's because I only had 5 to give out. :)


Kwizgiver said...

Thank you!! I'm working on my post now.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much. I'll try to get to this next week...grandma's funeral and all that.

And you don't get lost. I know exactly who you are.