Saturday, August 23, 2008

Oh Happy Day #23!

8/23 - Living Somewhere That's Not Flat!!
I had to go run several errands this morning. Most of them were near my house. The bank, post office, and Walgreens are all within blocks of my house. McDonald's too. Hey, a girl has to eat breakfast! :P

Unfortunately, a girl also needed to get her tire looked at. It went nearly flat then suddenly stopped losing air. I didn't trust it, so I went in search of a Discount Tire. I had two choices. The closest one is in a not so nice area of town. Literally on the other side of the tracks. Normally, that wouldn't really have bothered me since I lived in the 'hood in Houston, but today I figured I'd stay on this side of the tracks.

I set off in a direction I have yet to go since moving here. The Google Maps directions were easy enough and I'm always up for a little exploring. So off I went, hoping the tire held until I found my destination since I wasn't sure what was really wrong with it.

They tried to fix the tire, but it had a piece of metal in it plus two plugs from two previous repairs. One of them was actually a temporary plug that should have never been left in there. Since the tire was on the car when I bought it just over two years ago, I knew nothing about this. I'm lucky I didn't have a blowout the guy said. So a new tire is what I needed and $141 later I leave. I'm not in a bad mood, but I'm certainly not as happy as I was. Driving home, I crested a hill and was presented with a view that made me smile.

In Houston, the only hills are the overpasses of the freeways. It's flat. Real flat. Like you can see something coming for about 100 miles kind of flat. Dallas isn't like that. We're not talking mountains, but it ain't flat. It was just nice to get a view of where I live from a different angle. A new perspective is always refreshing.

What new perspectives have you discovered today?

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