Sunday, March 05, 2006

Places I don't ever want to go...

1. A 24 hour video store with a preview center.

2. A public bus with the bus driver on a cell phone.

3. Restaurant with sign "Pay no attention to the restaurant report."

4. Convenience store with sign "Come inside after you get gas."

5. All you can eat cabbage & sauerkraut night at the local buffet.

6. Any half off sale at a women's store.

7. The photography place that shares an office with an adult video store. They also accept Western Union. *shudders*

8. The beauty shop down the street with hair pieces hanging in the window like scalps.

9. The bar down the street that has a wet t-shirt night the same night as ladies night.

10. The gas station on the corner owned by the man that gets gas across the street.


Melliferous Pants said...

How can you not want all you can eat cabbage & sauerkraut? I dream about that...and by 'dream' I mean nightmare.

Princess LadyBug said...


I come from a very German family. I KNOW what that does to people. Ugh. :P

Writeprocrastinator said...

"6. Any half off sale at a women's store."

Or Costco on the weekends. It amazes me how sharp women's elbows can be and short women can literally be a pain in the groin.

Empress said...

I'm with ya on all of them, princess.....especially the cabbage and sauerkraut! Pee ewe! LOL

Princess LadyBug said...


I try to avoid Costco, Sam's Club, & WalMart at all times. :)

Princess LadyBug said...


You got that right! :P

Writeprocrastinator said...

"I try to avoid Costco, Sam's Club, & WalMart at all times. :)"

Abosolutely. Yet, the only way we can afford to live in San Francisco, let alone the San Francisco Bay Area is to go to Costco.

We don't have Sam's Club over on this side of the Bay nor do we even have a Walmart. They have a territorial(sp?) agreement and we have only Target and Kohl's.

I shop at Target, only I call it "Tar-zhay" in a bad French accent.

Empress said...

Saw that you had that knot removed and are feeling better!! Just take it easy tomorrow too, k? It might not have been MAJOY surgery, but it was still surgery! Legs up, wine in glass...dvd's galore.....that's the prescription, k?