Thursday, March 23, 2006

Everybody's working for the weekend...

I'm finding it exhausting policing what I reveal in my blog. I know it's for my own safety because there are some very scary people out there. But holding back isn't natural to me. So I've decided that I'm not going to worry about it so much anymore. Don't panic, Cleggy. I'm not going to start posting my address, phone number, real name, or any pics of myself.

Having said that...

I live in Houston. There I said it. And see Cleggy, the world didn't end. :P

As I was saying, I live in Houston and my oldest friend, Mistress Violet, lives in Dallas. This past Saturday she had a birthday party. I'd been looking forward to going for over a week and when Wednesday night rolled around I got violently ill. I say violently because I now know the true definition of projectile vomiting. Ugh.

On top of being really sick I was bummed because I wasn't fit for traveling. I called in sick to work on Thursday, dealt with attitude from my stressed and pregnant boss, and spent most of the day in bed wishing I could just die and get it over with. Friday morning dawned and I felt like hell, but since that was an improvement over the day before, I went in to work.

I was so tired that the day was almost painful, but I decided that I was upright so I was still going to Dallas. Not to mention that another friend was driving in from San Antonio just to pick me up and take me to Dallas. I have no car at the moment and MV wanted me at her party so badly she found me a ride. How can you say no to that?

So I get off my evening bus after 7pm, run into my apartment, throw random clothes in a bag, and head in the general direction of Dallas. Many stops later we are finally starting to make our way out of Houston. Despite the fact that the friend behind the wheel was nice enough to go far out of her way to get me, for most of the ride there I desperately want her to pull over so I can do the driving. A trip that takes less than 4 hours took over 5. I'm usually a patient person but I do have my limits.

We arrive after 1am and proceed to stay up far too late because MV and I haven't seen each other in nearly a year. The next morning I get up and go have breakfast with my brother. IHOP is my home away from home. How can you not love a place that serves breakfast 24/7 and EVERYTHING comes with pancakes?!

Back to MV's house to hang out with her super cool boyfriend. While the other girls are out shopping and having their hair done, this geek girl was breaking out the lappy back at the hacienda. I don't wear earrings, I own enough shoes (yes, Cleggy, I DID just say that), and a brush was all my hair needed.

A few hours later the party starts winding up. I'm not much of a party girl and I'm basically pretty shy. I knew maybe 7 people at this party, but I decided that wasn't going to stop me from having a good time.

I met some very cool new people. I got to see another old friend who I hadn't seen in over a year. And I got to make fun of lots of people singing karaoke. Karaoke. The Japanese word for painfully off key. And if you don't get drunk enough to get up and try it then you can lurk in the back and laugh at those that do. Good times.

I somehow managed to be in bed and asleep when the sun came up, but I think it was a close race. Just after 11am I'm awakened by Mr. Super-Cool BF calling MV to come and see the water coming into the house. Wee! Cue the storm party.

While MV & Mr. Super-Cool BF are working hard with a couple of handy-men friends to fix the water problem, me and several friends are watching the storm coverage on TV. Big nasty storms collide and flash floods ensue. We began searching each remote for that one ray of joy in any flood in the South. Yes, you guessed it. The redneck with a mullet in a canoe hauling his TV, hunting dog, shotgun, and fishing gear to safety. The wife & kids can fend for themselves.

Hours of idiots in Mazdas and Volkswagens trying to drive through water, reporters looking like drowned rats, and even shots of Six Flags (local amusement park) under water. Footage from the air. Footage from the ground. Reporters in knee-deep water. Reporters in high winds. Reporters in helicopters.

And not one damn redneck to be seen! What is this world coming to?!?!?!

Disappointed I finally left Dallas after 7pm. Due to the continued bad weather I didn't get home until after 1am. Let's just say that the next day at work is a bit of a blur. Geez was I tired. And right now I'm just living for Saturday. Almost there.

More details to come...


WendyDarling said...

LOL.... :-) I am sorry you were sick, but I sure thank you for the laugh! :-) Love you!

Princess LadyBug said...

Hey being sick just made the weekend seem even better. Then again it made Hell seem like a vacation spot. :P

Laslo Hollyfield said...

My VW wasn't trying to drive through water it did drive through water thank you, and when it stalled I pulled my canoe out loaded up the dog, TV and the shotgun from the back window and headed to the store for a pack of smokes and a 40, while the brat and the ol' lady waited for Earl and Bubba to pull my wheels out.

That was sarcasm folks.

Princess LadyBug said...

Did Earl & Bubba ever make it?


Laslo Hollyfield said...

They're fix'n to get here...

JJ said...

I saw this great interview with an old redneck one time after a flood. He was telling the reporter, "Yeah, the problem ain't the water. It's the snakes that are left behind after the water goes back down. They're everywhere. Trees. Ditches. Your house. Your Car."

I thought the reporter was going to faint.