Sunday, March 26, 2006

Geek girl crush...

As I mentioned before, Mistress Violet lives with Mr. Super-Cool Boyfriend. He is a hard core geek with some mad skills. Impressed doesn't even cover my reaction. Cams, motion sensors, the hum of multiple CPU's. This geek girl was in heaven. And on top of that he's such a sweet guy that he never even snickered when I broke out my IBM ThinkPad A20m 2628. Don't laugh. It was given to me for free.

So Mr. Super-Cool BF has some very interesting and geeky friends. The ones at the party kept me entertained all night. I hope they'll all forgive me if over the next few posts I gush a little. It's just that I want to be these guys when I grow up.

My first geek fangirl moment of the night was a personal tour of this website. What a concept! I was blown away and quite amused. What could be better than a geek guy with a wicked sense of humor?!

So thank you Patrick, Nick, & Mike for giving this geek girl something to aspire to and fantasize about. :P

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