Thursday, December 15, 2005

Train of Thought

A pen, a pen, my kingdom for a pen!
So I don’t have a kingdom,
But I still need that pen,
Or a pencil,
Or even a crayon.
And some paper, of any sort.
Give me that
Etch-A-Sketch, kid!

I have this thought,
Just the merest of ideas,
I need to get it down before,
It drifts back into the mist
Of my fuddled brain.

Oh, and just a moment
Of quiet solitude.
No phone,
No demands,
No one.

If I’m quick enough,
I can get this down before
This train of thought derails.
Just one more second......

TOO LATE!!!!!!

This train of thought derailed
And crashed into a mountain.
Details on the evening news,
Film at 11.

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