Thursday, December 08, 2005

I Would Be The Happiest Girl In The World If......

So many things can complete that phrase. Some I can post here and some I can't, but there are many.

Not because there are a lot of things I want. I'm not really very materialistic. If I have enough money to pay all my bills with some left over to visit Cleggy once a month or so, rent a few movies, buy a book every now and then, and put a bit in savings for a trip to England then I'm a very happy princess.

Actually, my family is pretty sure that my happiness is genetic. Some would go so far as to call me perky. I've even been asked if I could tone it down a bit in the mornings by a boss who didn't function until after her third cup of coffee.

Sometimes I get a bit down on myself. Not so much questioning my worth, as questioning my worthiness. People tend to want to protect me or make a fuss over me. Much to the dismay of my stubborn loved ones, I wonder if I am worthy of that much trouble. But I'm never down for long.

I quoted John Lennon earlier and the phrase has stuck with me all day. Nearly a year to the day before I was born, the Beatles recorded the philosophy of my life. "All You Need Is Love"

Truer words were never spoken. Or sung.

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Margo said...

Ah.... just to sneak a John Lennon comment in :-P