Tuesday, December 13, 2005

No Rhyme or Reason...

Yesterday I decided to write a poem to post. So I opened up a blank Word document and typed the words as they came to me. The following is the result.

At first I decided not to post it. Be warned the language is a bit strong in a couple of places. Be assured it is a work of fiction and not a reflection of myself or anyone I know.

Sometimes my poetry is as much a surprise to me as it is to others. Sometimes I'm merely the scribe to an unknown author and their origins a mystery even to me.

Without further ado here is my latest poem......


it’s not love or even lust
he’s just a random fuck
that forgot to leave
when the one night stand ended

you’ve been drifting
from bed to bed
since the very first time

for fun
for yourself
for love
but only finding

the pain never eases
it just slips farther
into the abyss
to take you with it
over the edge
of eternal blackness
soul blinding
love stealing

no one can hear you scream
inside that black hole
you’re digging for yourself
deeper and deeper
with each random lover
faces without names
strangers passing through

the wheel of chance
stops on him
and you convince yourself
this is the real thing
the only thing
but it’s just
the lonely thing

it’s not love or even lust
you’re just a random fuck
that forgot to leave
when the one night stand ended

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