Monday, November 28, 2005

Confessions of a Best Friend...

I spent my Thanksgiving holiday with my best friend and his family. I was very grateful for the invitation. Since my parents moved a little over a year ago, this city has felt less and less like home. And the thought of spending the holiday alone was too depressing for words. So Cleggy to the rescue as usual. Thanks, Cleg!

So on to the confessions...

A friend at work asked me if spending time with Cleggy was really worth all the effort. Leaving work on Wednesday for a more than three-hour drive to Cleggy's house. Eat Thanksgiving dinner with him and his family. Cleggy and I making the three-hour drive back to my house right after eating. Spending Friday & Saturday at my house then doing the same three-hour drive back to his house on Sunday. Monday finding me retracing that three-hour drive back to my house alone. So, my answer to the friend from work? I would do more for less time with him.

And that was BEFORE the weekend in question. :)

As Cleggy says we watched way too many movies and listened to way too much music. We relaxed, talked, visited several bookstores, went out to eat a couple of times, rescued a computer from a friend that we are planning to repair, and Cleggy bought me a new friend, Puddin'. All in all it was a GREAT weekend. But then it always is.

Now don't think I've forgotten about those confessions. I haven't. Just giving a bit of back story.

Cleggy is the master of all travel CD's. Knowing he is going to be making one is a definite highlight to any trip with him. Knowing that I get to keep them is more than a highlight, it's the rule. Knowing he was making 7 CD's caused excitement and anticipation usually reserved for small children the night before Christmas.

Of course, Cleggy didn't let me down. Each and every CD was a musical journey I wouldn't have wanted to take with anyone but him. Every CD was different and as eclectic as Cleggy. When he asked me later on which one was my favorite, I couldn't answer. They each had something extraordinary about them. It was nothing short of blissful.

So in an effort to repay him I make the following confessions to amuse and please him.

1. Yes, I really do like all that chivalrous, gentlemanly stuff.
2. I will spend weeks looking up the groups on these CD's at your fav site -

And for his ultimate enjoyment...
3. I REALLY liked the song by Tiffany from her latest album. (Yup, the former pop princess from the 80's.)

Go easy on me Cleggy. Remember I'm your best friend. :P

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Cleggy said...

A-HA! I knew it. The Color of Silence rocked!

You are hereby sentenced to listen to the whole album. You know where to find it. :-P