Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Chrysalis emerging...

I've got a young friend (early 20's) who has a new job. It's not his first job and it's not his dream job, but it's becoming a great job.

Tonight he was telling me how proud of him I would be because he's working hard. Instead of going in, doing the minimum expected, and going home, he's doing his best and taking the initiative as often as he can. When he sees something that needs doing, he doesn't complain that it's someone else's job. He jumps in and gets it done. He's showing respect for his superiors. And best of all, he's enjoying the job.

He's come quite a long way from the angry 17 year old I first met years ago. He was probably days away from either quitting school or getting kicked out. He hated the world and everyone in it. I don't think I'll ever understand how we became friends, but I'm glad it happened.

He tells me that I'm the reason he graduated from high school and is now in college. I can't agree. He's done all the hard work. And it's exciting not only to see him setting goals for himself but also achieving them. Especially remembering all the times he told me he would never amount to anything. How wrong he was.

He might only be unloading packages on the horrendous 4am to 10am shift at a local shipping warehouse, but he's making his way to his dreams. Slowly breaking the trail that leads to a college education and that computer job he's been longing for. Or maybe that military career. Or any number of things he knows he can do.

And if he wasn't making enough progress he's lost about 60 lbs. over the last year. Is it just me or is this kid amazing? So I guess what I've been working up to is, yeah I'm proud of him. I've always known he would amount to something. I am overjoyed that he's finally seeing that too.

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Dave Denton said...

Eh you were reason why i graduated high school, and went to college. I was gonna be kicked out of high school and or do something stupid that i could never take back. Remember the tim i called you from school crying that i wish it would all end? You helpped me tremendous amount. My reasons for graduting high school and going to college were for you but times change. I dont know if the current job will lead anywhere but, I feel like i am accomplishing something doing it. I dont think theres enough ways to thank you for being in my life. I still say you should be a teacher