Saturday, September 30, 2006

Somewhere, Anywhere...

I close the door quietly behind me and walk out into the darkness. The cool night air goosebumps my overheated skin and I’m glad I grabbed my jacket on my way through the hall. I slip into my car, pausing to drink in the silent closeness of the night. I turn the key, roll down all the windows, and ease out onto the street.

I’m struck by the emptiness around me but resist the urge to check the time. This isn’t about watching the clock. This is about feeling free for just a little while. It’s about breathing some fresh air for a change.

My car moves swiftly out onto the highway and accelerates of its own accord. There’s no destination chosen just a need to be away. I’ve got the clothes on my back and a credit card. That should get me somewhere, anywhere. Just away from here.

I think about leaving and never going back. Disappearing would be so easy and they would only miss me for a while. Eventually, their memories of me would fade and their lives would go on. They’d be happier without me.

I concentrate on the dark strip of asphalt ahead of me. My headlights are the only source of light for miles. Not another living soul for miles and the car feels like it’s flying. I turn off the headlights and soar.

The wind whips the hair away from my face and carries my laughter up into the hills. My heart finally lifts and I inhale the feeling like it’s air. Breathing in excitement and breathing out fear. Racing into the night as fast as my car will go.

I can finally feel blood pounding into every part of my body. All my senses alive and awake, drinking in as many sensations as they can. I sigh with pleasure and reach down to turn the headlights back on.

My car is still safely between the lines on the highway but that doesn’t take away from the thrill. The air around me still feels electric. My heart is still racing. My whole body is tingling as I slow and leave the highway behind.

I retrace my still deserted path, slowly pull into the driveway, and get out of the car. I walk in from the darkness and close the door quietly behind me. I leave my jacket in the hall and move towards the bedroom. Slowly I remove all my clothes and the cool sheets goosebump my overheated skin as I crawl into bed. I slip into your arms and drink in the silent closeness of your body. Sighing, I ease into sleep.


Focus_ret said...

Neat story! It effectively creates a mood, makes me feel it. :-)

Princess LadyBug said...


WoW! Thanks!