Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Eegads! Tagged Again...

This time by a woman. Now that's just kinky. And all of those I am about to tag can thank Anne B. :P

"10 years ago..."
I met Cleggy online and because of the wonderful friendship we formed I finally began to mourn my Grammy and move on with my life. Until I met him, I never knew how quickly or deeply I could care about someone. My life has never been the same and I thank God every day for that. Also, my two favorite monkeys were born. One in March (my neice) & one on my birthday in June (Cleggy's nephew). I had one of a series of dead end jobs and had finally decided to stop dating since I sucked at it so badly.

"5 years ago..."
I was recovering from an unexplained nine & half week period and avoided a hospital stay by sheer stubborness. I was living with my sister and my neice in Louisiana. I was going on a year of being unemployed and was seeing that begin to eat away at what little self-esteem I had. It was also the beginning of the writing drought that I am still in and commonly refer to as hell.

"one year ago..."
I was reeling from an attempted carjacking/kidnapping in January and spending a horrific night in jail over a hot check that I had already paid for. While still dealing with the health issues resulting from my night in jail without insulin, I had to deal with major car trouble. The repair cost would force me to have my car refinanced. That would eventually lead to it being repossed the following January.

"5 songs I know all the words to..."
If I Had A Million Dollars by the Barenaked Ladies
Sister Don't Cry by Collective Soul
Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera
Symphony by Kathleen Wilhoite
Angels by Robbie Williams

"5 snacks I love and wish I could eat"
Sugar-free chocolate covered almonds or peanuts
Golden Delicious apples
Rice cakes with peanut butter & banana

"5 places I'd run away to..."

"5 things I'd never wear..."
A tube top
A mini skirt
Stiletto heels (I'm clumsy in flats)
Spandex clothes of any sort other than a bathing suit
A thong

"5 favorite tv shows..."
Any CSI type show (CSI, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Numbers, Cold Case, Without A Trace, etc.)
Road Tasted
Good Eats

"5 greatest joys..."
My friends & family
Writing & Reading
Making something with my hands (Crochet, cross stitch, cooking, general crafting, etc.)

"5 favorite toys...."
My computer
My car
My Palm Pilot (thanks again, Cleggy!)
My TV & DVD Player (thanks again, Mom & John)
Almost any book

"Tag Five People..."
Well, I'm going to tag more than five in the hopes that someone responds. :P
The White Horse
Margo's Musings
Mistress Violet's Life Observations
Laslo's Semi-boring Adventures
WendyDarling's Musings To Peter
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WendyDarling said...

Thanks for tagging me, Princess. LOL... seriously, I'll do it. I just have to think about it for a bit. :-)

Margo said...

What is the correct ediquette to responding to a tag... ? Cause I have but dunno what to do about it.

Margo said...

ediquette = etiquette.

Man do I need sleep...

Focus_ret said...

Okay. I presumed being tagged meant I needed to answer all those same questions? Because I did, on my blog. So there.

Wes said...

Look out! I'm about to be tagged, must run.....run....run....oh, its too late, I've been tagged. :p

Princess LadyBug said...

Wes, does this mean I get to tell people I tagged you? If so, there are going to be hundreds of very jealous women out there. :P

Writeprocrastinator said...

That's very insightful stuff and that's why I like memes. I thank you for humoring the Missus.