Tuesday, February 14, 2006

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways......

Or my totally awesome Valentine's gift from another woman.

Sometimes it takes a woman to know what another woman really needs. I recently mentioned in passing to my oldest friend, Mistress Violet, that I wish I was dating someone that would send me flowers on Valentine's Day. It was a fleeting thought voiced in an IM and once expressed I didn't think about it again. MV did. Thought about it and ran with it.

Today at work I received a dozen red & white tulips from MV and her boyfriend. Not only did MV remember my fav flower but she also included a card that made a sweet, loving gesture turn into an awesome gift. The idea behind the card was that I didn't have to tell anyone at work the flower's were from a female friend if I didn't want to. Of course if the card made me blush while I laughed until I cried then MV would consider that a bonus. She got her wish.

Not only did she make me laugh but she made every single co-worker who read the card laugh. What did that card say? Read on.

"From the band, thank you for the most enjoyable night of our lives, we can't wait to see you when we're back in town! (That thing with your tongue... WOW!)"

Yeah, she rocks. We've been friends since we were 14. That's almost 24 years for those of you struggling to do the math. We've been friends for over half our lives. That's pretty good for a friendship that started when she walked up to me on my first day at marching band practice and said, "Hi. Wanna be my friend?" What do you say to that?! You say, "Yes" and you never look back.

So please join me in giving this amazing woman a round of applause.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be backstage with the band. Rock on!


WendyDarling said...

I love it!!!!!!!!! Happy Valentine's Day. :-)

Mistress Violet said...

I love you, but I have to take exception with being referred to as "your oldest friend". ;-)

Flowers? What flowers? Trying to use me as a beard for your bad girl band escapades...tsk tsk tsk.

Much love, and thanks for the link to my blog!

Princess LadyBug said...

Hmmmmm, you seem to forget that I know where most of your bodies are buried.

So what was that you were saying about the band? :P

Karen said...

What an awesome awesome friend you have in MV! We could all use someone like that to watch our backs!

Congratulations! And happy belated VD! LOL


Princess LadyBug said...


She is awesome, isn't she?

Thanks for visiting. I was beginning to think my family & friends were the only ones who would ever read this blog. :P

Karen said...

All it takes is commenting on someone elses blog to get more readers, and I thank you for linking to mine! :)

I've linked to yours as well. And since we both read Viva Las VegAss, and we know he has a lot of readers, who knows what will happen! LOL


Princess LadyBug said...

OMG! Actual readers?! Now I'll have to write stuff! Oh the pressure!


Thanks for the link!