Sunday, July 01, 2007

Time and tide wait for no man, but time always stands still for a woman of thirty......

I wonder what Robert Frost would have said about a woman of thirty-nine. Hopefully something equally as kind.

Last week I turned thirty-nine and I was astounded by the fact that it feels absolutely no different than thirty-eight. I'm not sure what I expected, but it wasn't this. However, I was quite grateful that this year's birthday found me in much better health and far less pain that last year's birthday.

It's been a rather crazy week at work. I got a new boss on Monday. She seems very nice, but after having the same boss for nearly three years it feels very strange. We have a big event coming up in less than two weeks and one of our team members is leaving after the event is over. It's a lot all at once.

On Friday the new boss decided that she would take us all out to lunch to celebrate my birthday, her new job, our team member leaving to go back to school, and the fourth member of our team surviving all the change. :) Our event coming up will be held at the new and fabulous Hotel ZaZa. So that is where we went to lunch.

The food was wonderful and the darling man that manages the place treated us to Strawberries Romanov and Champagne for dessert. Thanks again, Kleibert! Then we took a tour of the hotel. And I was taking pictures like a tourist. Keep in mind these are taken with my camera phone. It makes a MUCH better phone than it does a camera. :P

In the back of the very funky lobby, there is a fountain. On one side is the wooden sculpture on the left complete with stuffed peacocks.

On the other side is the woman on the right. The fountain itself is full of blue lights, river rocks in blues and grays, and white pillar candles that seem to just float on the water. The only movement of in the water is a constant rippling effect. It's strange, but quite interesting.

entire hotel is decorated in an almost surrealist style. Most of the furniture is over-sized and just downright funky. These two pictures are the front and back of the same chair. Most of the art in place has a similar theme.

A human's body with an animal's head. There was a very lar
ge painting of a little girl with a lamb's head walking a lion on a leash. Very odd, but also beautiful.

In the basement there is a room call the Conspiracy Room. It's decorated in a cross between The Sopranos & Goth. The coffin on the left was actually the coffee table in front of the biggest red, tufted Victorian sofa I have ever seen.

The sign on the right hangs nearby. Sometimes the rules are just no f
un at all. Do you think there was a lot of coffin dancing before they hung this sign?

It was definitely the most interesting lunch I've ever been treated to. I can't wait to go back. Although next time I'm there I'll be working. But I do hope to get better pictures. :)

If you'd like a better look at the pictures I did take they are posted on My Flickr Page.

And if you're ever in town, be sure to check out the Hotel Zaza. It's definitely worth a look around.


WendyDarling said...

I am glad you had a much better birthday this year. :-) I still think that place looks weird. :-)

Princess LadyBug said...

Yeah, but weird was part of the charm. :)

Kwizgiver said...

But... how was the food??

Queen B said...

I am glad you had a better birthday. I personally like the hotel. But, then again maybe I'm just strange. I'm jealous though. We have the same exact phone, but my pictures suck. So, do you think Laslo and I would like it there?

Kwizgiver said...


Kwizgiver said...

Sorry... blogger was being a nerd and didn't capture the link...NOW you're tagged!