Monday, June 18, 2007

Well it's not Saturday but...

Here's a new poem.


unable to harden her heart
she became his prey
with kindness and care
he had his way
ruthlessly he took over
ruling even her heart
showering her with love
until they couldn’t be apart
filling every corner
her life became his
just for the taking
for only a kiss
forever to be linked
one body, mind, and soul
no longer individuals
mere pieces of a whole
her innocence lingers
on his tongue like wine
her sweet, southern voice
still haunts his mind
he started as hunter
but became her prey
he just didn’t know it
until she walked away

Now don't be shy. Tell me what you think. I'm tough. I can take it. :)


WendyDarling said...

OOH. I like that. :-)

Mom said...

loved it

Anonymous said...

That was lovely Cheri

SweetestT said...

That was intense and beautiful.

Queen B said...

That was very beautiful, and in some cases very true.

Focus_ret said...

I love the twist!