Friday, December 29, 2006


She put on the headphones, slipped the CD into the player, and turned the sound up as loud as she could stand. She didn't want to think so she chose the music with care. Something loud, driven, and mind-scrubbing. With a bit of luck the aggressive attack of music on her eardrums would keep the thoughts at bay.

The last time he had drifted from her bed she'd been devastated at first and then she'd been angry. It had been too easy for the chaos to take over her life. With almost no convincing she'd gone out and found the single most unsuitable man she could find. Mr. Destructive had been too young, too crude, and the owner of a huge mean streak. Love's polar opposite in every way.

Mr. Destructive showed her little to no respect, had a violent temper, and was more self-centered than a black hole. The chaos couldn't get enough of him. Their fights were legendary and the sex was exciting. But it wasn't love. She had tried to pretend it was. The chaos had tried to convince her it was. But her heart hadn't been fooled.

She had come to her senses just over a year later. Mr. Destructive had been firmly moved into the friend category and she'd worked hard to push the chaos back out of her life. Shortly after that he had drifted back into her bed.

This time she was working hard to ignore the siren call of the chaos. Mr. Destructive was still in her life and the chaos thought he was a good candidate, but luckily her head was still in charge. She wondered how long that would remain true. She wondered how long it would be before he drifted back into her bed this time. Mostly she wondered if he suspected where she drifted to when he was gone.

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SweetestT said...

Wow, thats intense. You sometimes make me feel like you are writing about my life. I know thats self-centered of me and I'm sure it's just something out of your head but I like it when I feel connected to what I'm reading. Especially your stuff. :D