Sunday, December 03, 2006

New Poetry...

I know it's not Saturday, but it's my blog and my poetry and I'll post it when I want to. :P


one says that some of my love

is better than none at all
that it is just far too late
to try and break his fall
one begs me every day
for another second chance
but my heart isn’t in
that same old song and dance
every beat of my heart
whispers someone else’s name
like a spark to an ember
re-igniting an old flame
my thoughts drifting back
to when he was near
how i wanted to speak
but didn’t out of fear
frightened that my feelings
would rush out of me
driving him far away
making us never to be
the feel of his arms
the colour of his eyes
the tenderness of his touch
the happiness in his sighs
he fills my thoughts
he warms my heart
he stirs my soul
he has from the start
no one else exists for me
my world contains only two
it will forever be this way
because love is always true

1 comment:

SweetestT said...

*sigh* Sometimes I just don't have the words to tell you what I think of your beautiful thoughts. Thank you for sharing.