Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Still Drifting...

The chaos filled her head with white noise, trying to block out all other thoughts. If she couldn't think straight then the chaos could seduce her into doing what it wanted. If it couldn't have Mr. Destructive then maybe it could find someone even more unsuitable. Someone new to feed off of.

The best candidate lived next door to her. He was dark, mysterious, good looking, and had a steady stream of women in and out of his apartment daily. Best of all, she was already attracted to him. The chaos had caught her looking at the way his tight leather pants clung to his firm butt as he leaned across his motorcycle. Her thoughts that day had been delicious and the chaos had fed well.

So far she had held to her resolve to keep Mr. Destructive firmly in the friend catagory. The chaos had begun to despair that she would never feed it again. Then a random thought had slipped past her defenses. It was hardly even a thought to begin with, but the chaos had been waiting for just such a moment.

The white noise was just the first step. With seemingly innocent thoughts, the chaos could begin to move her in the direction it wanted. And if he stayed out of her bed long enough this time, maybe it could get a firmer hold on her life. He had hurt her worse this time and the chaos was benefitting from that pain. Her relatively calm exterior was masking a deep chasm full of pain. The chaos was nearly giddy with excitement over the possibilities that chasm would provide.

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Fancy Dirt said...

I love the way you ended this entry. Can't wait to see what happens next.

The mother in me wants to protect your heroine from the direction her pain may take her, but then the possible wrong directions makes an interesting story, but only if it is fiction. In real life, the pain, many wrong choices and letting the chaos trap her into situations she will always regret, can eventually leaving her a bitter, burnt out, ugly shell. Depriving her of the Princess Ladybug life she (all girls) deserves to live.

Mr. Destructive's own chaos was just feeding upon her. Not even looking for real love, maybe not even capable of it. Chaos attracts chaos; sees it's next meal from across a crowded room.