Tuesday, April 11, 2006

i want to be the one

he can’t get out of his thoughts

who haunts him in the night

he compares every woman to

that hovers at the edge of all his dreams

who knows his heart like no other

his body craves to touch

whose voice echoes in his head

that makes him keep a part of himself separate

he calls for in his sleep

who distracts him even when gone

he longs to be near

that stirs his soul with my words

he can’t live or love without

i want to be the one


Laslo Hollyfield said...

April 11, Semi Boring adventures

Wes said...

Beautiful :)

Margo said...

i want to be the one

that has dibs on saying "I knew her when..." :-)

i am so envious of your talent.

Princess LadyBug said...

Geez Laslo, you're bossy even in the comments to my own blog. :P I skimmed your blog and will read it when I have more time tonight. Two things stand out for me. You're right about White Horse Pub and I am so not going to stop tagging you. :P

Princess LadyBug said...


Thank you very much. *blushes*

Princess LadyBug said...


Okay now I'm blushing even more. Thank you. I'm looking forward to saying I knew you when too.

And don't be envious. You've got a great talent of your own.

JJ said...

That punches him to stop snoring

That throws out that ratty old shirt he loves so much

That rips him away from his noisy, nasty old friends

That introduces him to my clean, neutered friends

I'm just kidding. I know exactly how you feel. Except about a woman. My wife. Who better not read this.

Princess LadyBug said...

*forwards this to Mrs. JJ*


My Pops snores so I think I could sleep through that. I won't throw out his ratty old shirt if he won't throw out my ratty old nightgown.

And you and he both might be surprised at which of us has the noisiest or nastiest friends. :P

I have no neutered friends. I have one or two (maybe) a little on the quiet side. The only neutered "people" in my life are my neighbors' dogs.

So, JJ, think you can introduce me someone? :P

Laslo Hollyfield said...

Apologies for seeming bossy, it was intended to be more like a "psst, April 11, Semi Boring Adventures". Forgot the psst, forgot the overcoat opening showing post, didn't forget to wear clothes. hehe.

Princess LadyBug said...

Speaking of coats. Have you seen Cleggy's Silent Bob coat? :P

Writeprocrastinator said...

If you stalk him, you'll fufill at least twelve of the fourteen items on the list and you would be the one, in a sense /; )

Princess LadyBug said...

WP, if you read my blog more often you'd know that I only stalk the ice cream man. :P

JJ said...

(checking his address book for guys who don't wear their hat backward)

Princess LadyBug said...


I'm so glad you know the criteria without me telling you. :P

Writeprocrastinator said...

"WP, if you read my blog more often you'd know that I only stalk the ice cream man. :P"

Well, if anyone deserves to be stalked, it's the one who pretends to stop, only to drive off at the last second.

Grab me a couple of chocolate drumsticks out of his garage the next time you lurk outside his window, will you please?

Princess LadyBug said...

WP, He'll be out of town this weekend. Let's have an ice cream party at his house. :P