Tuesday, January 31, 2006

What I have learned from driving a 23 year old car......

Or my life after changing from a 2000 Ford Taurus to a 1983 Buick Riviera (against my will)......

1. Getting only 10 miles per gallon makes you the gas station attendant's new best friend, but is probably pissing off environmentalists everywhere.

2. Car restoring enthusiasts give you very dirty looks when you drive a car as rusted as this one.

3. Parking becomes a whole new problem when you drive a car who's doors swing out like barn doors.

4. CD players were invented AFTER this car was made. Ugh.

5. UV rays & skin cancer were obviously not a common issue when this car was designed. I've never seen a windshield this large on a vehicle with only four wheels.

6. Some low-riding cars actually do happen without the help of a body shop.

7. Really affluent people cringe when the rusted tailpipe of your low-riding car scrapes the ground in front of their house.

8. Even Lenny Kravitz would have a hard time looking cool while driving this car.

9. No one ever wants to take your car at lunch. Heck, YOU don't even want to take your car at lunch.

10. If the car starts on the third try you know it's going to be a good day.

11. People will avoid parking near your car as if all that rust and age is contagious.

12. Driving this car is great motivation to save money for a new car. Say something actually made in THIS century.

Here are more pics....

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