Sunday, January 22, 2006

Soundtrack Update...

Thanks to Cleggy I have a new addition to the soundtrack of my life. Sun, Sun, Sun by the Elected is one of the best albums I think I've ever heard. No kidding. Topping my favs from this album is "Not Going Home". WoW! Catchy music and very heartfelt words.

When those guys sing:
"no, i'm not going home
sometimes you just wouldn't dare
sometimes you can't go home
sometimes you're already there
when i look at you, i'm there"

I get goosebumps and I just get it. I mean really get it. As cliche as it sounds, their lyrics speak to me.

I like every song on this album (that is not the case very often) and I urge anyone reading this blog to go out and buy it the minute it goes on sale. I know I am. In fact I'm thinking about stopping on the way home from work on payday. That's five days away. Even my neighbors will know all the words by then. Don't you just love the repeat feature on Windows Media Player? :)

Thanks Cleggy!!!

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