Thursday, March 15, 2012

Maybe I'm More Than Broken

I stopped at a place called My Fit Foods after several co-workers raved about their food.  They do freshly prepared, packaged meals.  Kind of like frozen entrees with out the frozen part.  They are a bit expensive, but I was curious.  And I know I need to eat better.

What I had forgotten was the near panic I have to fight when I buy a packaged meal.  I have this fear that it won't be enough food.  That I'll still be hungry when I'm done or that I'll need more protein or something.  Then I start thinking that if I do, there is something wrong with me because normal people don't need more.  Even worse is how I will sometimes overeat out of that fear.  Something I've never shared with anyone.  Ever.
Why am I sharing now?  Damned if I know, but I felt like I should.  So there it is.

BTW, the My Fit Foods meal was very tasty, but probably too pricey for me to buy on a regular basis.  Which is sad because it was VERY healthy.  I have health insurance that helps pay for the meds that I need to be healthy, but what do you do when eating healthy is so much more expensive than the alternative that you can't afford it?

But I guess maybe that's a topic for another post.


Robert Pedersen said...

I feel confident that it's possible to eat healthily AND cheaply. But I don't know how, except that it probably involves a lot of work. Which is its own kind of expensive.

Wendy Darling said...

Loved this post because I SO relate!! I tend to over buy/overeat for the same reasons, so you are not alone. :-)

I also understand the eating healthy/expense part. I experience the same thing, especially when the rest of the family doesn't eat it. Sometimes is feels like we are buying 2 separate bills of groceries, or some food spoils because I can't eat it fast enough on my own; such as kale. ;-)

I have learned some new healthy recipes that I'm eating where the ingredients aren't very expensive. They'll probably become more of a staple. ;-)

It'll take some time, but we'll both become healthier. I have to keep reminding myself "I didn't get this unhealthy overnight, and I won't magically become healthy overnight." Babysteps...

Kwizgiver said...

I wish we had something like My Fit Foods around here. I'm too lazy to cook for myself anymore.