Sunday, December 28, 2014

The View

I woke up in bed alone, but he hadn't been gone long because his side of the bed was still warm.  I slid out of bed and went in search of him.  As I rounded the corner of the hall, I found him staring out the window.  We'd rented this cabin because of its wonderful view of the mountains.  He seemed entranced by the sight of the sun coming up over those mountains, but I was mesmerized by the sight of him.  Just looking at him could make my heart do backflips in my chest.  The sun turning his hair the almost golden colour it had when we first met nearly brought me to tears. 

Over the last few months, I'd begun to regret not having children when I was younger.  Especially now that I wasn't able to have them.  But seeing him at that moment made me realize that he was the only man I'd ever want to give children.  I would have loved to give him a baby girl with his golden curls and my gray eyes, but by the time he'd come into my life children were no longer an option.

Suddenly a weight that I hadn't known was there lifted and that regret I'd felt just faded away.  There was frost on the window he was looking out of, but the cold couldn't touch me despite my bare feet and thin nightgown.  I felt warmed from within like the sun was also rising in heart and melting everything that wasn't love and happiness.

I don't know if I made a sound or if he suddenly felt me watching him, but he turned around.  His face lit up with a smile as he said, "Honey, it's too cold for you to be wandering around like that.  You should crawl back into bed."  I smiled and replied, "Only if you come with me."  He chuckled and said, "Well that was always the plan, now wasn't it?"  I giggled as we walked back to the bedroom to warm up again under the covers.

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ashens dream said...

Short but sweet! Loved it.