Thursday, October 21, 2010

A New Page?

When the new Barenaked Ladies album came out, I resisted listening to it. Steven Page leaving the band had left me a bit shell-shocked. It never occurred to me that the sound of my favorite band of all time would ever change. Evolve, yes. But not a change like this. How I felt can only be described as grief. Something I loved for years had died.

After months of refusing to listen to "All In Good Time", one night I just gave in and listened. I liked it. It was good to hear Ed, Kevin, Tyler, & Jim again. It was like running into a friend you really loved hanging out with and can't remember why you don't still hang out. Still, something felt vaguely off. Something I couldn't quite put my finger on. Just a slight niggling at the back of my mind telling me there was something tiny but important missing.

Last night a good friend shared Steven Page's new album "Page One". I decided not to be so stubborn this time so I started listening. About 3 songs in, I started feeling slightly schizophrenic. I was both happy & sad at the same time. As I listened to Steven's songs I realized what was missing.

Not just his voice (which I'm simply crazy about) but also his quirky lyrics & phrasing. Yet as I listened I still had that "something is missing" feeling. I kept expecting the boys (Ed, Kevin, Tyler, & Jim) to join him. And while artistically I loved each song more than the last, emotionally I felt like they all have tricked us or let us down.

I felt the need to stomp my foot & demand that they put the band back together & stop all this nonsense. I felt cheated almost. And yet, my foot wouldn't be still & I was humming along.

I might need therapy. :P

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